Tensions continue between protesters and Seattle police

VIDEO: Protesters continue to clash with police

SEATTLE — Tensions continued overnight as Seattle police pushed protesters back near the former Capitol Hill Occupied Protest Zone, also known as CHOP.

This is the latest response to ongoing unrest by demonstrators demanding racial equality and social justice.

Police cleared out the area two days ago, reclaiming the East Precinct, but protesters aren’t backing down.

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According to SPD, protesters threw bottles, rocks and fireworks at officers last night in the intersection of Broadway and Pine Street. Dozens of officers responded. A dispersal order was ignored.

Police issued a dispersal order, but the crowd of protesters remained.

At one point, demonstrators marched onto I-5 again, shutting down the highway between 520 and I-90, and appeared to have a small vigil on the interstate.

Shortly after 10 p.m., officers arrested three people outside the West Precinct for property destruction.

Starting about 1 a.m. Friday, officers said they arrested seven people near Broadway and East Pine Street for assault, harassment, and failure to disperse.

Those arrested were booked into the King County Jail.

Since the clash overnight, officers have been getting out of their vehicles to guard the perimeter periodically, but at Broadway and Pine there were still a few dozen protesters fairly spread out blocking traffic.

Since police reclaimed the East Precinct, officers have arrested more than 70 people, including a prominent leader of CHOP involved in a dramatic high-speed chase.

It happened Wednesday morning on I-5 not far from the CHOP zone. KIRO 7 cameras captured the suspect running from police and later being treated by paramedics.

Police say the stolen Nissan Pathfinder crashed on the interstate and the suspected driver abandoned it.

KIRO 7 was told he was wanted for a felony involving stolen property.

The suspect is a familiar face at CHOP.

Earlier this week the suspect was caught clashing with community activist Andre Taylor, who has attended meetings with other CHOP leaders at the mayor’s office.