Seattle police seek help identifying man who entered home near UW, assaulted female student

Seattle police detectives are looking for a man seen on surveillance video prowling around a home near the University of Washington before entering the house and assaulting a resident, the police department announced.

Officers received a call from residents of the house in the 4700 block of 18th Avenue Northeast after they were awakened by the intruder at 5 a.m.

When officers arrived, they reviewed surveillance footage and searched the area but were unable to find the suspect.

Anyone with information that might lead to the identification of the intruder is asked to call the police tip line at 206-233-5000.

KIRO 7′s Deedee Sun spoke with the victim’s father.

“I got a call from my daughter at 7:10 this morning. She was very distraught,” Ed Teders said.

Video caught the man near the house first around 2 a.m., Teders said. Around 5 a.m., the suspect, who was shirtless, went inside.

“The door was not locked, that was the downside,” Teders said.

According to Teders, when his daughter woke up,

“the guy was standing in front of her on his knees, and she screamed, told him to get out. He pulled out a gun, pointed it to her head, said ‘I’m going to kill you.’”

Teders continued his daughter’s account: “He told her to turn around and put her hands behind her back and my daughter said he touched her briefly and disappeared and that was it.”

Teders is warning others to be careful, and asking for residents’ help to identify the man who assaulted his daughter.

“I hope someone recognizes him and gets him off the street,” Teders said. “It could’ve been much, much worse.”

Students at the University of Washington tell KIRO 7′s Lauren Donovan that despite emphasis patrols in the area from Seattle police, they still feel on edge. One student, Caroline Lucarelli, said it seems SPD and UW Police are in a “pissing match” over who is responsible for the area north of the university.

“It feels like UW PD doesn’t care about this area at all, because it’s technically out of their jurisdiction,” Lucarelli said. “Then SPD likes to think that it’s UW PD’s area. UW PD will be here in minutes for a frat party, but when there’s a guy running around with a machete trying to stab people, they seem to care less.”

We reached out to the University of Washington for comment. It sent us a statement but refused to go on camera.

“This is a deeply frightening incident for our students and for the greater community living north of campus. UW staff are supporting the students involved with connections to counseling and other resources. We hope Seattle Police can quickly locate this individual. We are grateful to see that SPD’s emphasis patrols assigned as of this past week include the area along University Way NE and the Greek Row neighborhood.

“We’re asking our UW community to stay vigilant, keep doors and windows locked, and report any suspicious activity to police. Seattle Police Department is handling the investigation for this incident and specific questions should be directed to that department.”

Following Sunday’s assault, other UW students and parents have reached out to KIRO 7. Some believe the suspect has been targeting nearby homes for months.

Home surveillance video sent to KIRO 7 shows a man weeks earlier in the same neighborhood. In the video, a man is seen attempting to open doors and trying to disable the surveillance camera. Students believe it’s the same man.

While unconfirmed by Seattle police, this new revelation has only heightened fears at the university. Some women, like freshman student Erin, are worried about leaving campus alone.

“I try to stay with groups of girls. We have a group chat,” says Erin. “Anyone that wants to go out, we message the group and we go out in a pack together; instead of just one on one.”

UW sophomore, Lucy, says she and her sorority sisters are taking extra precautions. “Usually when it’s night time we’re walking in pairs and we’re carrying either pepper spray or tasers.”

Students say they hope for an arrest soon.

“I think everyone would sleep easier if he was caught,” says Erin.