• Chase Bank ATMs targeted in sophisticated skimming ring

    By: David Ham


    SEATTLE - Yosef Habte and Yemane Bahtta have been charged in connection with a sophisticated skimming ring where detectives said they glued skimming devices on card readers and placed cameras on ATMs across Seattle.

    John Incardona said if it weren't for detectives he would have never known his Chase debit card was skimmed.

    "I didn’t really have any knowledge from the bank. I learned from the Kirkland Police Department," said Incardona.

    Kirkland police said that it investigated the case because many of the victims live in Kirkland.

    Local officers worked with U.S. Secret Service on the case.

    They said Habte and Bahtta are connected to at least 24 skimming incidents from 2012 - 2013.

    Detectives believe more victims are out there.

    Incardona said while Chase Bank alerted him that his account was compromised, it did not say that he was skimmed.

    "Even the ATMs they have a sign that say protect your pin other than that how do you protect yourself from some invisible skimming devices," said Incardona.

    A spokesperson for Chase said, "When we detect or learn of a skimming situation, we quickly reissue new cards to our affected customers.  The customers have zero liability for any fraudulent transactions on their card."

    Detectives say that because skimming devices are becoming more sophisticated it's up to customers to keep a close eye for anything suspicious.

    Habte and Bahtta will be arraigned on June 15.

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