WSP report blames Skagit River Bridge collapse on truck driver

MOUNT VERNON, Wash. — A year and a half after the Skagit River Bridge collapsed, a new Washington State Patrol report says the oversized load that hit the bridge was two inches too high.

Troopers place blame on the truck driver, William Scott of Alberta, Canada.

They cited him for second-degree negligent driving -- a $550 fine.

Scott is fighting the traffic ticket.

The courts could ultimately sort out who pays.

Replacing the bridge cost the state $17 million, and state Department of Transportation spokesman Lars Erickson said the agency has already filed an insurance claim with the trucking company's provider for the full amount.

"If that claim is denied, we will pursue litigation," Erickson said.

Troopers said pilot car driver, Tammy Detray, did not warn the truck driver about the low clearance.

However, WSP Lieutenant Shane Nelson said "the ultimate responsibility lies on the (truck) driver. He's responsible for that load and how it's transported down the road."