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Police investigating rash of armed robberies at Tacoma ATMs

TACOMA, Wash. — Tacoma Police are reminding people to stay vigilant when using an ATM machine after a rash of recent armed robberies.

In the past two weeks, the Tacoma Police Department has taken seven reports of robberies that occurred at a stand-alone Chase ATM at 7030 Pacific Avenue. One robbery was also reported at a stand-alone Bank of America ATM located in the Grocery Outlet parking lot at 3510 S. 56th Street. 

Detectives believe all eight cases are related.

Police said that according to the reports, there are typically two suspects, described as Black men in their 20s, with average heights and builds. A car that may be related to the suspects has been identified as a dark-colored sedan.

Detectives said that they believe the men are watching the victims at outdoor ATMs before committing the robberies.

“I’m not surprised, it seems like the crime rate around here has gone up. It’s just something unfortunate that I’m kind of used to now,” said Keshia Belmarez, who lives in Tacoma.

Many in Tacoma say they are not surprised by the news.

“Tacoma is getting really bad. We live right by the Fred Meyer here, and it’s crazy the stuff you see here. I grew up here and I never saw that stuff before, and now, since we’ve owned our home over here, it’s bad,” said Laura Price, who also lives in Tacoma.

Locals are warning others to avoid the ATM off Pacific and 72nd.

“I’ve been to this store a number of times and the ATM at this location, whatever bank is here, I’ve seen it boarded up actually,” said Belmarez.

“I only use ATMs inside of stores, but that’s an always thing for me,” said Price.

Detectives are investigating the cases, but some people say more needs to be done to improve public safety.

“Well, the legislation and the things that we are voting on, and paying for. Where is that money going? It needs to be — I don’t know the solution. Just money better spent,” said Price.

Anyone with information about the crimes is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS(8477).