• Thousands of pro-life supporters rally at Capitol

    By: Shelby Miller


    OLYMPIA, Wash. - Thousands of pro-life supporters covered the Capitol steps Tuesday, holding signs and umbrellas as they rallied through the rain during the 40th annual Washington State March for Life. 

    “You have no idea how many women regret having abortions, the numbers are staggering,” said Karen Noble. 

    “Every child deserves to live, no matter their circumstances. Once we lose a heart for babies, it’s like, where do we go from there?” said Cindy Wiedmann.

    Supporters from across the state traveled to Olympia Tuesday for the annual event. They marched from the Winged Victory Monument to the Capitol steps, sharing their anti-abortion message with lawmakers.  

    “Always vote pro-life, always support any of those movements to save life, to save life, to eventually do away with abortion,” said Donna Fostvedt.

    Across campus, a handful of pro-choice protesters also assembled. 

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    “I’m here in support of Planned Parenthood, I’m in support of women, I’m in support of anybody who has an awful choice. I want it to be safe and easy for them to do so,” said Molly Steers.

    After the walk, pro-life supporters heard from lawmakers, who promised to push legislation they favor.

    “Being a woman who’s had an abortion, I know the devastation after having one,” said Wiedmann. “We don’t just march, we don’t just hold signs, we actually go out into our community and help women that need the help.”

    After the rally, speakers encouraged everyone standing on the steps of the Capitol to head inside the doors and speak to their state legislators. 

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