Warmest summer on record for Seattle since 1890s, driest since 1930

The heat felt relentless at times for western Washington over the summer, as Seattle experienced 13 days with temperatures that were 90 degrees or hotter. KIRO 7 Chief Meteorologist Morgan Palmer said that was the most on record.

Palmer said it was the warmest summer on record overall as high and average temperatures were taken into account, as he looked at records from the 1890s.

Palmer also called summer 2022 the driest summer since 1930 in Seattle. Just looking at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport records of 1945, when the official weather station was moved to the airport, records show this summer as the driest, beating out the summer of 2017.

While the next week to two weeks still looks warm and mainly dry, Palmer says the rains and storminess of fall are coming. Typically, the region begins to see more weather systems moving through by mid-October. And again this fall and winter, La Niña is expected to persist. This weather phenomenon typically alters the track of storms and the movement of cold air across the Pacific Northwest, increasing the chances for cooler and wet weather with mountain snow through the late fall and winter.