SPD understaffing apparent during violent weekend

SEATTLE — In the midst of Taylor Swift performances, Capitol Hill Block Party concerts, and a Mariners homestay, Seattle Police were understaffed.

Mike Solan, President of the Seattle Police Officer’s Guild reports patrols were down 50% Saturday night.

Early Sunday morning in Capitol Hill a series of car stunts devolved into a near-deadly shooting. Bullets flew at the intersection of Broadway and Pike. Four people were hit, one of them is still fighting for their life.

“Can you imagine if there was another mass causality event in the city?” said Solan. “Right now we can’t handle it.”

Solan reports since the start of July the Seattle Police Department has lost five officers. June, the month before 17 left. So far in 2023, a total of 70 officers have parted ways with the agency.

“Bottom line is cops are tired,” said Solan. “We don’t have enough cops to do the workload.”

Jim Fuda with Crime Stoppers Puget Sound said when officers call out, hired security steps in to replace them.

“They’re taxed as well,” said Fuda. “There’s so much need for security when that much activity is going on in a particular area.”

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