Seattle Humane Society says cats from Maui found ‘safety and families’ around PNW

The Seattle Humane Society said cats transferred from Maui found “safety and families” around the Pacific Northwest.

We were humbled by the outpouring of support for the cats transferred to Seattle Humane from Maui through ‘Good Cat Network’s Operation Aloha Cat program’ this summer,” said a news release from the Seattle Humane Society. “Relocating cats to the Pacific Northwest during the devastating wildfires meant our partners in Hawaii could open their space to displaced and injured cats and focus their efforts on reuniting families.”

The Seattle Humane Society shared one adoption story.

“Pekelo came home as a new member of our family here in North Seattle on Friday and we couldn’t be happier! Pekelo [was] skittish but he is coming out to eat and even play with the other kitten [Nalani] we adopted from Seattle Humane that day. We believed it would be good for both of them to have each other and he is really responding to Nalani’s sweet energy,” Chris told the Seattle Humane Society.

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