Kitties rescued from Maui flown to Seattle; when they could be ready for adoption

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SEATTLE and LYNNWOOD, Wash. — As people on Maui struggle with search and cleanup operations after devastating wildfires, some of the island’s adoptable rescue cats were flown to Seattle Monday on an Aloha Air cargo plane.

Seven kittens will be cared for by PAWS in Lynnwood and some will soon be available for adoption.

The rescued kittens did not have owners on Maui. They were strays that survived in shelters on the island during the firestorm. The cats had to be moved out of those shelters to make room for many other pets being found that were separated from their owners during the fires.

Many of those dogs and cats were found badly burned.

We asked PAWS how soon the Maui cats could be adopted.

“We need to evaluate them first because they need to be spayed and neutered before they’re ready to go to homes, so there’s a chance these kittens will go into our foster volunteer network, but if they’re available for adoption, and they’re healthy, they could be available as soon as (Tuesday),” Mick Szydlowki with PAWS said Monday.

Every month, the Good Cat Network flies about 30 cats to Washington from Maui — where before the terrible fire — the island had an estimated 40,000 free-roaming cats.