Caught on camera: Popular Puyallup coffee shop set on fire during burglary

PUYALLUP, Wash — The search is on for the person who twice burglarized a popular coffee shop in Puyallup, then set it on fire.

“We’re all perplexed and confused and going ‘why?’” said Bryan Reynolds, co-owner of Anthem Coffee.

It started late Monday night, when the thief pried open a lockbox to get inside.

“Let himself in, helped himself to a Red Bull, snagged the cash, then got out of there. It was weird because there was no sense of urgency and the odd thing is he even stopped for a second after he stole the cash and he put $10 back in the tip jar,” said Reynolds.

But that wasn’t the end of it. Reynolds said the guy returned late Wednesday night.

“Same guy wearing a black hoodie with a Puma logo – made his way in once again, even after we changed the codes to the contractor box and all that stuff,” said Reynolds.

The man, again, grabbed a Red Bull and swiped around $200 from the register.

But then he did something even more outrageous.

Before leaving, he lit a fire under the espresso bar.

“That blazed for about ten minutes until it alarmed the sprinkler. That subsided the flames, giving enough time for the fire department to show up. They knocked it out real quick,” said Reynolds.

Reynolds says the thief, after starting the fire, was seen walking a dog down the street.

“Don’t have any leads on the guy. Would love to have justice take place and get him off the streets,” said Reynolds.

The coffee shop is expected to be closed for the next two to four months.

Anyone with information about the crime is urged to contact the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department.

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