Tough landscape for incumbents in early election results across Puget Sound region

Early results in Tuesday’s General Election show a tough landscape for major incumbents hoping to keep their jobs.

So far, results for the Seattle City Council show that moderate candidates for all seven seats are leading. The results show that all three incumbents — Tammy Morales, Dan Straus, and Andrew Lewis — are trailing.

Because all three face moderate candidates, they may still have hope with the ballots still left to be counted. That’s because late ballots tend to be dropped off by younger and progressive voters.

Meanwhile, a polarizing showdown for Snohomish County Sheriff is leaning progressive.

Incumbent Sheriff Adam Fortney is currently behind challenger Susanna Johnson.

She’s leading with 52% of the ballots returned so far, with 56,675 votes compared to Sheriff Fortney’s 51,680.

But while Johnson is leading by nearly 5,000 votes, there are still a lot of ballots to be counted.

Snohomish County’s next release of ballots is at 5 p.m. Wednesday.

Find updated election results as we get them at this link.