• Teen arrested in fatal shooting near West Seattle bus stop

    By: Shelby Miller


    SEATTLE - Seattle police arrested a 16-year-old boy accused of killing a man at a Metro bus stop Thursday night.

    SWAT teams surrounded the teen’s High Point home Tuesday afternoon. Detectives said they had a good idea of who the suspect was, thanks to Metro security bus video captured the night of the killing.

    Police said the 16-year-old got into an argument with 37-year-old Taylor Fehlen while riding the bus just before 11 p.m. Thursday. Officers said the teen shot Fehlen multiple times in the stomach when the two got off the bus at 35th Avenue Southwest and Morgan. Fehlen later died at Harborview Medical Center.

    "My heart goes out to the person that passed away, but, also, my heart goes out to the 16-year-old that I actually knew and I don't think he really did it. I'm just surprised. Surprised as everyone else is going to be,” said Tammie Prentice.

    Prentice lives across the street from the 16-year-old and his family and has known him for about six years. She called him a normal teen who hangs out with other kids in the neighborhood.

    She was stunned to hear he's a murder suspect.

    "I'm very surprised. He's a good boy, like, he's always smiling. He goes to Chief Sealth High School. Every time I see him he's upbeat, I've never seen him get into an argument, so I'm confused,” Prentice said.

    Detectives said they’re interviewing the teen and plan to book him into the King County Youth Service Center for investigation of murder.

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