Man accused of killing, dismembering Auburn man

ONALASKA, Wash. — King County prosecutors charged a man with first-degree murder Friday for killing and dismembering a man in Lewis County in 2018, court documents say.

Charging documents accuse 40-year-old Two Dogs Salvatore Fasaga of fatally shooting Auburn man Paul John Snarski in May 2018 and then dismembering his body, possibly with a saw.

According to probable cause documents, Snarski and Fasaga had known each other for more than 20 years and likely met while both were serving time in a youth detention center. Police said both men have violent criminal histories, and Fasaga has multiple felony convictions.

Police began investigating when Snarksi’s brother reported him missing on May 29, 2018.

Documents said cell tower data showed the last ping from Snarski’s phone after he disappeared was at or near Fasaga’s home in Onalaska.

“Based on eyewitness information, Fasaga shot and killed Snarski at Fasaga's home on View Ridge Rd., Onalaska, on the evening of 5/11/18-5/12/18. Fasaga shot Snarski in the face with a .45 caliber, semiautomatic pistol. Snarski fell to the floor, bleeding heavily from his head,” court papers said.

Witnesses told police Fasaga then told others to get rid of Snarski's remains, vehicle and shoes.

“An associate of Fasaga, known by this investigator as LJ, provided a statement that Fasaga brought a large plastic truck box-type container to him in Auburn sometime around May 2018. Fasaga told LJ that the box contained a “dead dog”. Fasaga directed or asked LJ to dispose of the container. LJ took the container to a piece of property in unincorporated King County, near Federal Way, where an associate of his was living. LJ dumped the container on the property,” probable cause documents said.

“Witnesses at the Federal Way property became concerned about "a body" being dumped near their home and contacted LJ to come back and retrieve it. A human arm or leg was reportedly seen inside the container. LJ came back to the property to retrieve the container,” court documents said.

Investigators said LJ told police he took the container to a remote area of Pierce County where he again dumped the container with a "dog" inside.

Authorities searched the area in July 2019 and found skeletal remains.

“It was determined that the remains recovered consisted of almost an entire human torso, but a torso only. The person had been decapitated and dismembered by what appears to have been some type of saw. A sample of one of the bones was processed by an independent lab for DNA comparison. The skeletal remains recovered in Pierce County were determined to be those of Paul Snarski,” charging documents said.

During a search of the Fasaga’s Onalaska home, Fasaga was arrested by the FBI for unrelated federal weapons charges and has since remained in federal custody.

Police said sections of flooring and subfloor, where witnesses said Snarski was shot, were removed where there was a suspicious stain. The Washington State Patrol Crime Lab confirmed it found human blood on the flooring, which was later tested for DNA that was found to be a match for Snarski’s.

Snarski’s shoes were found in a wooded area of unincorporated Thurston County, near Maytown, along with a latex glove that had Fasaga’s DNA inside.

Bail for Fasaga was requested to be $5 million.