Grocery stores are changing policies to comply with social distancing

SEATTLE — Grocery stores are taking action to help maintain social distancing and keep you and employees safe.

And each store is handing the COVID-19 pandemic a little differently.

Social distancing is the “new norm” but people say one of the biggest challenges is maintaining that six foot distance at grocery stores.

“That’s the hardest problem,” said Anitha Pasupaty, who was at the Ballard Fred Meyer.

At Fred Meyer stores, you’ll now now see "X" marks taped at every checkout line. Signs explain it’s to help ensure proper distance between yourself and other shoppers. Fred Meyer has also removed bulk open container bulk food products, and suspended returns on product returns.

Trader Joe’s is keeping an eye on the crowds inside and whenever it looks too busy, people are asked to stand in line outside until shoppers leave.

“I had no idea this was going to happen coming in here. I was like alright I guess I'll stand and keep my distance from everybody,” said Matt Zender, in like at the Queen Anne Trader Joe’s.