Everett mayor issues stay at home directive to all residents

EVERETT, Wash. — The mayor of Everett issued a directive Friday instructing all residents to stay home, with exceptions for essential activities.

The order, which takes effect at noon Monday, tells everyone to stay home except for necessary errands, walks and caring for friends and relatives.

Essential businesses, such as grocery stores, pharmacies, child care and banks, can remain open. Nonessential business owners were directed to stay home.

“These are challenging times, and I know the impact of COVID-19 is being felt in every corner of our city. I am terribly concerned for everyone in our community, especially those who are sick or at higher risk of becoming infected, as well as those who have either lost, or are at risk of losing their job or business. The consequences of this crisis are already deep and severe, and we’re not yet through the worst. I am confident, however, that by coming together as a community and taking reasonable measures to protect one another, we will emerge from this period of time with the same resiliency and strength we have come out of in times of crisis in the past,” Mayor Cassie Franklin said in a statement.

Read the full directive here.