Edmonds beaches and piers reopen after tsunami advisory canceled

EDMONDS, Wash. — All beaches and piers were closed in Edmonds after a tsunami advisory was issued for the Washington coast Saturday morning, according to Edmonds Police Department. But that advisory has since been canceled, allowing the beaches and piers to reopen.

No destructive waves were expected in the area as waters were only projected to rise between one and three feet.

The advisory was issued following a volcanic eruption in the Pacific Ocean near Tonga Saturday morning.

At Edmonds Marina, boat owners who live aboard their vessels were advised to leave.

No tsunami sirens were sounded as a possible tsunami would have been under three feet. Smart911 and reverse 911 calls would have been made to landlines and registered cell phones in the area just in case.

While evacuations are usually not ordered under a tsunami advisory, there was a risk of strong currents and dangerous waves in or near coastal waters.

Washington residents were strongly advised to avoid beaches and waterfront areas along the coast while the advisory remained in effect.