• Auburn police: Teens stole from gas station clerk as he lay critically ill

    By: KIRO 7 News


    AUBURN, Wash. - Sept. 11 update: 

    Police said all three of the people they were seeking have been identified. 

    Auburn police thanked the public for their help identifying the people seen in the video. 

    Original Sept. 10 story:

    Auburn police want to identify people they say stole from a gas station clerk while he lay critically ill. 

    Police released video of the incident, in which a gas station clerk confronted two teenagers who were eating pepperoni sticks without paying for them and then suffers a serious medical issue, collapsing to the floor. 

    In the video, the teenagers are seen taking money out of the clerk's pocket, and then stealing merchandise and the money from the cash register before leaving without helping the man. 

    An adult man is seen in the video as well, leaving the store after the clerk suffers a medical emergency. Police said none of the three subjects in the video called for help. 

    A person who entered the store around three minutes after the teenagers left saw the clerk on the ground and immediately called 911 for help, police said. 

    Police say the clerk is still alive but has been left in critical condition. 

    Auburn police want to identify the three people seen in the video at the time when the clerk fell to the ground. 

    It happened at the Shell gas station at 201 Auburn Way South in Auburn, Washington.

    If you have information, you're asked to call (253) 288-7403. 

    See video from the Auburn Police Department below showing the incident.



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