Anarchists claim responsibility for Judkins Park arson

SEATTLE — A group calling itself "Some Anarchists" claims it set fire to townhouses being built in Seattle's Judkins Park neighborhood.

 Neighbors KIRO 7 Eyewitness News talked to said they are angry and afraid that a fire could be set again.

The fire happened a week ago at 24th Avenue South and South Norman Street, in a central Seattle neighborhood undergoing a makeover.

 The fire greeted Judkins Park neighbor Eben as he returned home in the early hours of last Tuesday morning.
“I came home and the building was ablaze,” said Eben.
That night, investigators said they knew the fire had been set.

"When I came home, that's what they told me," said Eben.    See images of the fire damage.

No one knew who may have set the fire until KIRO 7 found a post on the Puget Sound Anarchists website claiming responsibility for slipping inside the townhouses under construction and setting them ablaze.
 “Sustainable development is a myth that makes us sick,” the post said.
The post concluded with “Now is the time to attack! Enemies abound. Weapons are everywhere.”

It was signed, Some Anarchists.   Read the entire text of the post here.

 The same group claimed responsibility for vandalizing several banks in Seattle two years ago and for the trail of destruction left in downtown Seattle during last year's May Day protests.
Neighbor Chris King worries they will do damage to his Judkins Park neighborhood again.
“I mean, these builders are starting to build again. They might get to a certain point and they might hit again. And maybe next time, they won’t do a vacant building,” said King.
The realtor handling the project said the fires did about $150,000 of damage but the buildings will be rebuilt.