Part of Lake City Way closed for standoff with man who fired shots from patio

SEATTLE — Part of Lake City Way Northeast in Seattle’s Meadowbrook neighborhood has been closed for hours after witnesses reported a man shooting a pistol from his apartment patio Monday morning.

The busy street closed to all traffic between Northeast 113th to Northeast 110th at about 6:45 a.m. People said it will be very difficult to get through the Lake City area. As of 12:55 p.m., the street was still shut down.

Negotiators are at the scene trying to get the man to surrender peacefully, but at about 10 a.m., SWAT officers started deploying flash bang devices to get the man to come out, but he refused.

People who live in the apartment building were asked to leave as a precaution, but have since been let back in as police do not believe anyone is at risk. A Metro bus is at the scene for those who do not wish to return.

SPD said the man's girlfriend told them the man was in crisis. No one else is inside the apartment.

Police told neighbors the man had been drinking for three days and it may have contributed to his mental state.

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Seattle police said no one was hurt.

Metro Transit route 372 and Sound Transit route 522 have been rerouted.

Drivers are asked to avoid the area and use alternate routes.