Seattle Seahawks

Week 6 Steps to Victory with Chris Francis

Each week KIRO 7 Sports Director Chris Francis previews the Seahawks matchup with his Steps to Victory. These are featured on the weekly Scouting Report which airs Saturday at 730 p.m. In Week 6 the Seahawks get back to work after their Bye with a matchup against the Bengals:

  • Step One: Ja’Marr Chase says “he’s always open” and it certainly looked that way against the Cardinals as he caught 15 passes for 192 yards and three touchdowns. He ranks 7th in the NFL in receiving yards this season. So, step number one, CLOSING TIME! The Bengals have a number of weapons, but the old Bill Belichick principle is always sound: take away what the opponent does best. That seems to be the combination of Burrow and Chase. On Sunday, Riq Woolen, Devon Witherspoon, Tre Brown, Mike Jack, and the safeties will face this season’s toughest test to date.
  • Step Two: What would help in that effort? Blasting Joe Burrow! Let’s see if he can really move on that injured calf. He seemed better against Arizona and he does have sneaky mobility when healthy but the Seahawks pass rush is also getting better as they get to know one another. I realize 11 sacks against a hapless Giants offensive line skews the numbers but with a full game from Jamal Adams - maybe we’ll see some more blitzes. Either way, gotta BLAST BURROW.
  • Step Three: I’ve been saying it for a few weeks now, RED ZONE READY! Kicking field goals with an uncharacteristically shaky Jason Myers is not going to be the answer against an offense with breakout potential like the Bengals. Yeah, it might be enough vs. the Giants and Panthers but this matchup will be more like the Lions game. The Seahawks need TOUCHDOWNS in the Red Zone. One of the worst in the NFL, you know situational football was a priority with the coaching staff over the Bye week. It would be nice if they could implement any changes in their first game back.

So, there you go, the Seahawks STEPS TO VICTORY for Week 6 in Cincinnati.