• World's largest 12th Man flag unfurled

    By: Chris Legeros


    SEATTLE - When it comes to showing your support for the Seahawks, size does matter. 

    In West Seattle Thursday, the world's largest 12th man flag was unfurled outside the offices of Bartell Drugs. 

    It measures 30x50 feet.  Between 300-400 fans showed up to watch. 

    Chris Vala said, "that is a really big flag." 

    "It's gorgeous, it's awesome," Bethany O'Brien exclaimed.

    Boeing was not to be outdone.

    It sent a jumbo jet across the state in Seahawks colors.  Flight No. 12 flew to eastern Washington where it steered into a pattern outlining the number 12.  

    Shane Van Camp said the number has truly become a symbol for many. 

    "It's the city embracing something, getting behind something that we feel can stand for us, to put us out there and make us feel better as a community," he said.

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