• Where does all the marijuana tax money really go?

    By: Monique Ming Laven


    Thought marijuana is legal now, the price is about twice what it is on the street. So where does all that tax revenue go?
    KIRO 7 talked to state and Seattle city officials to get an estimated breakdown on where all the taxes are headed.
    The highest projected cost for 2 grams of pot is $54, including tax. Based on that $54 amount, state excise taxes gets about $10 with the biggest chunk going toward health programs.
    Of that $10, half goes to the Basic Health Plan Trust Account, $1.50 goes to Department of Social and Health Services substance abuse prevention programs and another dollar goes to marijuana education.
    The State’s General Fund gets 20 cents. The University of Washington gets 6 cents and Washington State University get 4 cents to do research on the effects of pot.
    The Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction also gets a few pennies to put toward dropout prevention programs
    On top of the excise tax, people who buy legal marijuana also have to pay sales tax. In Seattle that means King County Metro Transit would collect about 38 cents, and Sound Transit would get another 38 cents.
    The Seattle General Fund would get 36 cents and the state gets $2.67.

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