WATCH: Octopus tries to make a break for it at Seattle Aquarium

VIDEO: Octopus tries to escape at Seattle Aquarium

It was a slow fight for freedom, as video showed a young octopus trying to make an escape from the Seattle Aquarium.

Kids were screaming -- in either support or horror -- of Ink's slow-moving escape attempt. Click here to watch. 

The octopus never reached his destination.

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An aquarium worker knocked him back into the tanks.

The video surfaced on on Wednesday, after it was shot by a man who visited the aquarium last week.

In another new video of another octopus, divers released Franklin into the Puget Sound under the aquarium's pier.

Franklin recently mated with Hazel, another octopus who was released in the same spot a few days ago.

It's expected Franklin will spend the last few months of his life under the pier.

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