She’s going to need a bigger lawn: Art teacher creates sharks out of snow

DETROIT — The sharks are circling in a Detroit front yard thanks to the hard work of an artist who sculpted the animals out of snow and ice.

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Jennifer Ramirez created the large sharks out of snow, ice and food coloring and shared photos of them on her Facebook page.

Ramirez is a high school art teacher and said that since she created the sharks from the snow left by last week’s storm, she has seen people stop and take pictures all day long, reported.

“It’s crazy,” Ramirez said. “There’s so many people that have been stopping by and taking pictures and just going absolutely crazy about it.”

Ramirez said the project took about three days to complete.

“Wednesday we had the big snowfall and I shoveled all of it into a big ole pile, and then I think it was the next day, I separated the piles and started sculpting on Friday and finished them on Saturday,” Ramirez told WXYZ.

Ramirez told The Detroit Free Press that after molding the snow into the shape of sharks, she used a spray bottle to paint on the color.

This isn’t the first time Ramirez has created animals out of snow.

“I did a fox and a little burrow. I did a koala when the Australian fires were happening,” Ramirez told “I’ve done Pokemon, Angry Birds. I’m hoping for lots more snow. I’m thinking I need to make big rocks with seals or penguins or both.”

Ramirez said the sharks will remain in her yard as long as the cold weather holds.

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