3-month-old California baby found safe; 3 in custody in connection with kidnapping

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Police in San Jose, California, have located a 3-month-old boy kidnapped Monday while his grandmother unloaded groceries.

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Update 4:45 p.m. EDT April 26: Three-month-old Brandon Cuellar has been found alive, and three suspects in his kidnapping are in custody, San Jose police confirmed Tuesday afternoon via social media.

The California infant was reported missing Monday by his grandmother, who was unloading groceries outside her home when the kidnapping occurred.

In a follow-up tweet, San José Police issued a “million thank you’s” for the coordinated effort launched to find the child.

Police later revealed in a separate thread that two additional suspects in the kidnapping have been taken into custody.

“Three suspects in custody, charges and additional information forthcoming,” the tweet read, followed by these parting thoughts:

“We have some of the finest detectives in the nation. Nobody went home yesterday. In less than 24 hours he was located, and three suspects are being held. Thank you FBI. We appreciate all the help.”

Original report: Police in San Jose, California, are looking for a man whom they said walked into a home in the middle of the day and kidnapped a 3-month-old baby in broad daylight. The alleged kidnapping was caught on camera.

Police said the man, who has not yet been identified, was seen walking down the street, carrying a baby seat covered in a blanket, The Associated Press reported.

The alleged kidnapping happened around 1 p.m., KGO reported.

The baby was identified as Brandon Cuellar and police said he was taken while his grandmother was unloading groceries.

She said she had taken Brandon with her grocery shopping and took him inside once they got back home, before she went outside to retrieve her purchases.

“In that short amount of time, someone entered the apartment ... and left with the baby,” Sgt. Christian Camarillo said, according to KNTV.

The grandmother told police she didn’t see anyone enter their apartment and that Brandon had been in a bedroom, KGO reported.

The baby’s mother was at work and his father is behind bars.

Camarillo said police will be speaking to Brandon’s father, who is “out of the picture,” soon, KNTV reported.

Camarillo pleaded with the public to get Brandon back with his family.

“If you have this baby, please get this baby back to its mother,” Camarillo said, according to KNTV. “We can deal with consequences after. Anybody who is a mother or father, you don’t love anything more than you love your child. This mother right now is going through a very, very bad time.”

Police removed a Nissan Pathfinder near the scene, saying the vehicle is connected to the case, but KNTV did not report how it was related.

Police also went door-to-door seeking any information on Brandon’s whereabouts and to find witnesses, KGO reported.