Coronavirus: Southwest Airlines ground crew thanks passengers at Florida airport

Airline traffic has crawled to nearly a standstill since the coronavirus pandemic, with very view passengers willing to chance sitting in a closed area with other people.

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Passengers flying out of a Florida airport got a message of thanks Sunday morning from the ground crew of one airline, as workers held up signs of thanks, the Sun-Sentinel reported.

At least five ground crew workers for Southwest Airlines at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport walked along the tarmac and held up signs next to a plane bound for Albuquerque, New Mexico, the newspaper reported.

The signs read "Thanks Ft. Lauderdale for flying on Southwest!” and “We got you! We love you.”

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“Everyone on the plane thought it was really cool," James Lott, who took the photograph, told the Sun-Sentinel.

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Lott told the newspaper there were approximately 30 people on the flight and said all passengers had rows to themselves.

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It is a product of social distancing. According to CNN, air travel has dropped 96% compared to the same time last year. The Transportation Security Administration screen slightly less than 94,000 on April 8; 2.3 million people were screened on the same day in 2019, the network reported.

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The signs by the ground crew Sunday were a way of saying thanks to those consumers who continue to fly.