Coronavirus: Dr. Drew Pinsky tests positive for COVID-19

Coronavirus symptoms: A timeline

Radio and television personality Drew Pinsky, known as “Dr. Drew,” has tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

Pinsky, 62, revealed his diagnosis in an Instagram post on Tuesday, stating that he is “feeling better.” The post, written alongside a photo of Pinsky in bed, also said his wife, Susan Sailer Pinsky, tested negative, People reported. Pinsky’s wife wrote the Instagram post.

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“Cheers to the New Year with some Hydralyte for COVID-19. Drew tested positive day 4 and @firstladyoflove is negative #2020 #covid19 #youlive,” the caption read. “Drew is home, under surveillance and fever is down. Thanks Dr. Zelenko, Dr. Yo and Dr. Jeff for the superior care and advice. Drew is feeling better and will hopefully get well soon.”

Pinsky is a co-host for KTTV in Los Angeles’ show, “Fox 11 Special Report.” Pinsky said he had been experiencing strong symptoms of the virus since Saturday, and he received his official test results on Tuesday, the television station reported.

In March, Pinsky made controversial comments about the pandemic, telling KTLA in an interview that it was a “press-induced panic” and compared COVID-19 to the common flu, People reported.

“Way less serious than influenza -- that should be the headline,” Pinsky told the television station.

Pinsky later backtracked and apologized in a YouTube video.

“My early comments about equating coronavirus and influenza were wrong,” Pinsky said in the video. “They were incorrect. I was part of a chorus that was saying that, and we were wrong. And I want to apologize for that.”

Pinsky’s positive test came a day after publicizing his coronavirus test on social media. In the video, Pinsky coughs and says, “This better be COVID or I’m gonna be pissed,” then caused further controversy when he shared the post saying he was “wishing for COVID.”

“After three days of fever and the Zelenko protocol plus steroids, feeling better and getting another test for flu and COVID! Good times,” Pinsky added in a tweet. “Wishing for Covid since this virus is not fun. Stay well, wear a mask!”

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