Bear says ‘Yo Quiero Taco Bell,’ swipes Uber Eats delivery from porch

Black bear

LONGWOOD, Fla. — A bear had a hankering, not for honey, but for Taco Bell and thanks to Uber Eats, it had its craving fulfilled.

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A black bear in Longwood, Florida, stole the $45 Taco Bell order moments after the delivery driver left it on the front porch of a home, several media outlets are reporting.

It happened on Friday and the incident was captured on the family’s doorbell camera, USA Today and Storyful reported.

Not only did the bear take the bag in its mouth and leave, it came back and grabbed the drinks, the “Today” show reported.

The family came out of the house to pick up their dinner but found it was missing, so they looked around to see if they could find where it went.

Taco Bell told McClatchy News, “Taco Tuesday truly belongs to everyone who celebrates tacos.” Apparently, that also goes for bears.”

Black bears can be found all over Florida, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and The Miami Herald. They usually live in flatwoods, ridges and swamps, but will leave those areas in search of food.

If you come upon a bear, the National Park Service said you should identify yourself, talking calmly while slowly waving your arms; stay calm; don’t scream; don’t run, a bear could mistake you for prey; if you’re with a child pick them up; hike in groups; look big; don’t climb a tree; and don’t drop your bag, it could protect you if attacked, the Herald reported.

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