WATCH: Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and Danny DeVito crash Cabo San Lucas wedding

What you need to know about Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

CABO SAN LUCAS, Mexico — It's not every day that you get to attend a destination wedding, but what's the likelihood of two big-name Hollywood actors crashing the ceremony?

For newlyweds Will and Kristine Abbot, the chance that Danny DeVito and Dwayne Johnson will show up to your wedding is at 100%.

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The movie stars had been taking a break from promoting their new movie, "Jumanji: The Next Level," in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, when they heard a wedding going on.

"You ever crash a wedding?" DeVito asked the much-taller, former pro-wrestler in footage posted to Johnson's IGTV page on Nov. 24.

“No,” Johnson replied.

“You wanna do it?” asked DeVito.

The two decided to head into the festivities with a camera crew in tow. Belting out the song popularized by Nat King Cole, DeVito and Johnson walked in singing “Unforgettable” as a duet.

As they crooned, the stunned wedding attendees appeared shocked and delighted, applauding the duo for their performance.

On Instagram, Johnson explained the co-stars were “sippin’ on a lil’ Teremana tequila enjoyin’ the quiet sunset together in Mexico after a long week of Jumanji work when this idea hit.

“Crash the wedding. Grab a mic. Sing a special song. Say adios.”

Describing the moment as “actually quite beautiful,” The Rock also congratulated the new husband and wife.

“Congratulations to the lovey bride, Kristine and handsome groom, Will,” he said. “And their four children, Ryan, Mason, Edie & Max. Beautiful family. The Abbots aka Brady Bunch.”

In the video, DeVito offered up some advice to the couple – particularly the groom.

“Get a big house so he doesn’t have to bump into her,” he joked.

Johnson then said in comical fashion that he and DeVito abide by the five words, “Yes, honey. You are right.”