Texas mom spanks teen son after he takes her BMW for ride

EL PASO, Texas — One teenage boy will probably reconsider taking his mother’s BMW for a ride again.

The Houston Chronicle reported that Liza Campero posted on Twitter that her 14-year-old brother Aaron Martinez sneaked out of the house Friday to pick up his best friend, Isaiah.

According to Campero, Aaron disconnected the Wi-Fi in the house, which cut off security cameras and kept their mother, Liza Martinez, from seeing him slip out while she was at work.

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But Isiah’s mother alerted Martinez to what he was doing.

Campero told KTRK she lives next door to her mother, so she checked to see if her car was there. It wasn't.

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“She told me she was on her way home and to grab her belt,” Campero said.

Campero and her mother stopped by Aaron’s girlfriend’s house first.

“The girlfriend called his best friend and there was another girl with them,” Campero said. “The girl that was with them said that mom was looking for them.”

For Martinez, it was a matter of safety.

“She wanted to find him before he wrecked the car and before the police did,” Campero said.

Once Aaron was tracked down, Martinez got him to pull over. A video posted by Campero shows the mother driving alongside her son and screaming, “Pull over now!”

"My mom said once she opened the door, he had smirk on his face until she started spanking him," Campero told the Houston Chronicle.

In a video Campero made with Aaron and posted online Monday, Campero said that her little brother has taken a car before.

“What my mom did want to say is that it wasn’t Aaron’s first time taking a car,” Campero said. “The first time that he took a car, she talked to him.”

“I deserved it,” Aaron said. “It was a bad choice. I just can’t do it again. That’s what I have to learn.”

Aaron has since been grounded until further notice, KTRK reported. He will go the rest of the year without his cellphone, PlayStation 4, and without a door on his bedroom. He can only go to school or be with his mother.

“He was embarrassed at first, but he went back to school yesterday, and everybody tells him he’s like a legend,” she said.

Aaron and Campero spoke more about the experience on Campero's YouTube channel.