Mom of 4, including newborn twins, vanishes after leaving bar

LEXINGTON, Ky. — The last grainy images of Savannah Spurlock show the Kentucky 22-year-old leaving a Lexington bar with two men.

More than two weeks later, Spurlock, of Richmond, remains missing and police on the local and state level continue to search for her as her family pleads for anyone with information to come forward.

"If you know anything, we beg you," Lisa Thoma, Spurlock's aunt, said in a tearful video posted last week on the Facebook page Missing Savannah. "Come forward and call the Richmond, Kentucky, Police Department. If you heard something, if you saw something, I don't care how small it was, what if that one thing is the piece of the puzzle that they're missing?

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“What if you hold the key to bringing her home? This person who is someone’s daughter, someone’s mother, someone’s sister, someone’s niece, someone’s best friend? We urge you to share your story.”

Savannah Spurlock, left, was last seen at 2:34 a.m. Jan. 4, 2019, in surveillance footage as she left The Other Bar in Lexington, Kentucky. The image at right shows what the 22-year-old mother was wearing when she vanished. 

Spurlock, who is the mother of two sons, ages 4 and 2, and twins born in December, was last seen the morning of Jan. 4 leaving The Other Bar in Lexington. Surveillance footage from a nearby parking garage shows her walking with two men, one white and one black.

The white man was recorded leaving the area in a black Chevy S-10 pickup truck that was pulled over for a traffic stop a few days later in nearby Garrard County, police officials told the Lexington Herald-Leader. Investigators identified both men -- as well as a third man seen with Spurlock before her disappearance -- and questioned all three.

None of the men have been charged in connection with her disappearance, the newspaper reported earlier this month.

Spurlock’s mother told the Herald-Leader that the car her daughter drove to Lexington was found abandoned the weekend she disappeared. Her aunt, Elaine Moore, told the newspaper last week that the men seen with her niece told police Spurlock left one of their homes in Garrard County on foot the morning she vanished.

Watch an emotional plea from Spurlock’s aunt, Lisa Thoma, below.

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The family said it is out of character for Spurlock to not communicate with her loved ones, particularly with her mother.

"She talked to her mom at about 2:30 a.m. when she was leaving the bar and told her she would be home in a few hours," Moore told the Herald-Leader. "That's the last time she talked to her. She's always been very good about letting her parents know if she's staying out late, for them not to worry about her."

The surveillance footage that shows Spurlock leaving the bar is timestamped 2:34 a.m.

Her mother, Ellen Spurlock, told WKYT in Lexington that the pain of not knowing where her daughter is gets harder with each passing day. It is particularly hard on her grandchildren, Spurlock said.

"(The 4-year-old) doesn't know what's going on, but my fear is, how long can that take place, you know? Mommy is not here for 11 days; each day is another day. How long can that take place?" Spurlock told the news station. "Her newborn twins, her 2-year-old … the twins are too young but the 2-year-old, he misses his mommy.

“He saw her on TV one night and said, ‘Mommy.’ He misses her.”

In the video on the Facebook page dedicated to finding Savannah Spurlock, Thoma thanked everyone who has helped in the search for her niece.

"This is day 11 that we are missing Savannah," Thoma said in the video, which she posted from Ohio. "We wanted to say thank you to all of you who have been praying so fervently for Savannah's safety, that she would return safely to her babies, to her family, her mother and father. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for those who help search, those who've been doing all they can. We thank you."

Thoma said the family is struggling with the uncertainty, but is “leaning into” one another and God.

"He is so big, and He can do miracles and we're believing and we're hoping she is safe and sound, and we are choosing to keep hope alive," Thoma said.

She said it is “crippling to know every phone call (or text message) might be the one” and praised the Richmond investigators, who she said have been working nonstop to bring her niece home.

Spurlock is described as a white woman with shoulder length brown/blonde hair. She has multiple tattoos, including a rose on her left shoulder.

She has the words, "I can do all things through Christ, which strengthens me," on the right side of her torso and the words, "I'm her daughter," on her back, police officials said. Spurlock was last seen wearing a black sleeveless top, a maroon skirt and heels.

Anyone with information on her whereabouts is asked to contact the Richmond Police Department at 859-624-4776 or via email at

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