Air Force looking for homes for retired military dogs that are languishing on base

SAN ANTONIO, Texas — The U.S. Air Force is trying to find homes for retired military dogs after having a tough time adopting out their older dogs.

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The agency said it doesn't have any trouble placing puppies that don't fit the bill for military work into loving homes, according to news reports, but their older, retired Military Working Dogs are languishing at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, where the force trains its dogs.

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“Every MWD, when they’re retiring, they do a behavioral test and an adoption test to make sure they’re not going to be food aggressive or bite a small child or chase the mailman down the street,” Master-at-Arms Chief Petty Officer Jason Silvis


“We do a wide variety of tests before we decide that the dogs are good to be adopted to the public,” Silvis said.

Most former military working dogs up for adoption are between 10 and 12 years old, Pawbuzz reported.
The Air Force is turning to the public for help in finding homes for their retired dogs, but there are a few requirements, Silvis told PawBuzz.

A prospective family has to  undergo an interview with the military and answer questions about other pets in their homes. They can’t have children under 5 years old because most of the dogs aren’t a good fit with young children and they have to be able to travel to San Antonio to pick up the dog.

Those interested in adopting a retired MWD can contact officers at or go to Lackland's website for more info.