• Tacoma shelter in need of help ahead of storm

    By: Kevin McCarty


    The day room at Tacoma's Nativity House is full for Thursday's lunch. With continuing bitter cold the charity is seeing an overflow of people seeking warmth and shelter. For people living on the streets, the ongoing cold snap is dangerous.

    “They could die, very frankly,” said Nativity House Pastoral Care and Volunteer Coordinator William Bruno. Bruno says Nativity House is experiencing what is called overflow demand. More people are needing help as they try to escape the frigid temperatures.

    “We have been on this weather condition now for almost a week,” said Bruno. “That means every single night we’ve got more people in here. So that makes it harder.”

    Rodney Williams says he has lived on the streets in Tacoma for several years. “It’s brutal, it’s hard trying to stay warm,” Williams said. “You know, we’re using tarps, blankets, sleeping bags, whatever we can pull together to try to beat the cold weather.”

    The increased demand is taxing Nativity House's supplies, and donations are badly needed because people need help to stay warm. 

    “Blankets, coats, scarves, gloves, even hand warmers,” said Nativity House manager Anisha Fernando.

    Nativity House has posted more information about what items are needed and how people can donate on their Facebook page.


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