• Referee speaks out about fight during Orting youth football game

    By: Alison Grande


    The referee who was chased across the field by angry fans at a youth football game is sharing his story.

    The Nisqually Junior Football League playoff game between Orting and Federal Way was held at Orting Middle School last Saturday. The teams were made up of 7th- and 8th- graders. 

    According to the referee, there was an incident where an Orting player body slammed a Federal Way player in the third quarter.

    The ref said he didn't see the incident. When it was brought to his attention, he was talking to the coach and deciding the next move.

    At that point, he said, parents from the Federal Way bleachers started pouring onto the field. At one point a woman started chasing him. He ran across the field and all of the way out of the stadium to his car and drove off.

    He says parents from Orting tried to intervene and fights broke out. 

    According to the football league, another referee was punched by a parent. 

    Orting Police are working to identify people involved in the brawl.

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