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WATCH: Man steals Seattle police car, goes on joy ride

A recently released dashcam video shows a man who stole a Seattle police car in 2013 and went for a joyride.

The video, which starts in the Battery Street tunnel then weaves through Interbay and Queen Anne, lasts for several minutes and includes audio.

The thief, Manolo Junson Mariano, had just assaulted a bus driver and was walking through the Battery Street Tunnel.

When Seattle police officers made contact, Mariano jumped in the police car and took off.

Mariano drove through Belltown and turned onto one-way Western, against traffic, then sped northbound on Elliott.

For nearly 15 minutes, Mariano eluded pursing officers by winding through the narrow, crowded residential streets of Queen Anne Hill at high speeds, swerving to avoid parked cars, hitting barriers and backing out of dead ends.

Throughout the joyride, Mariano seemed to enjoy himself, screaming "Yeah, baby, yeah,"  while officers repeatedly tried to get him to stop and give himself up.

At one point, the dispatcher comes on the police car's radio telling Mariano, "Stop the car. You're not going to get away."

Mariano ended up crashing into the barrier on West Olympic and Eighth Avenue West.

He was hurt. After being treated he was booked, charged and found guilty of vehicle theft and resisting arrest.

He was sentenced to 3 and a half years in prison and has since been released.

, and watched the video embedded below.

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