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Gov. Inslee signs several gun responsibility bills into law

OLYMPIA, Wash. — Some gun laws in Washington changed Tuesday after Gov. Jay Inslee signed them into law.

There were several gun-responsibility bills, including one that bans 3D printed guns and untraceable firearms better known as ghost guns.

The controversial bill was also backed by Attorney General Bob Ferguson, who pointed out that many of the materials used in 3D printed guns would not set off a metal detector.

After the bills were signed, many loopholes closed, including one that previously allowed people with a history of violence or found incompetent to stand trial to buy a gun.

Another bill will now allow the removal of all guns from a home where there is a history of domestic violence calls.

Several bills were signed into law at 9:30 a.m. in Olympia.

Many of the bills saw controversy as advocates for gun rights squared off against victims of gun violence before the bills passed the state House and Senate.

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