• Residents say illegal hostel being run in SeaTac, now they're being forced out

    By: Rob Munoz


    SEATAC, Wash. - Residents say a SeaTac home was sold to them as a hostel, but they found substandard living conditions, an eviction notice and found out the manager wasn’t allowed to run a business at all. 

    Second Home Hostels, at 19201 33rd Ave. S. in SeaTac maintains a website, where they proudly proclaim “We treat you like family.” 

    Residents told KIRO 7, it’s anything but. 

    They say they’re paying about $125 a week and $400 a month. 

    “It's crowded but, I didn't expect them to be, like, pulling utilities on us,” says resident Evan. 

    He didn’t want to give his last name, but Evan gave KIRO 7 a tour of the home where he says they’re now battling a bedbug infestation, among other things. 

    Other people living there showed us bedbug bites, and Evan showed us a shed where they claim the manager lived. 

    Evan says the shed contained a bucket with feces and cartons of urine.

    Things started getting removed from inside the house soon after. 

    “They took a lot of the towels, the toilet paper, the Internet, the TV,” he said.

    Mattresses that he claims were infested with bed bugs were hauled off to a “new location” that was being promised in the Columbia City neighborhood of Seattle.

    Then the eviction notice came this past Monday.

    It was then, Evan says, the 20 or so residents found out the manager of the property was in fact, subleasing it from the real owner.

    They gave the real owner a call. 

    “That's how the landlord found out what was going on. He came by, took a couple of pictures and the next day there was the eviction notice,” Evan says. 

    KIRO 7 talked to the real owner, who claims she subleased the property to a family of three, but once they found out it was being used for a hostel operation she took moves to shut them down. 

    KIRO 7 also went to check out the property that residents of Second Home Hostels said was being sold to them as the new facility. 

    KIRO 7  talked to the owner of the Columbia City property who says someone came by recently and said they had a desperate need for a hostel space. 

    She says she was going to rent it to them until she visited their SeaTac location, and she immediately denied the application. 

    KIRO 7 also spoke to the manager of the hostel, who says her son operated the shed in the back as an office. 

    She claimed the son was happy with the conditions he was in, and blames the conditions of the home on the residents.

    The manager claims the owner knew what was happening, and says she has a business license. 

    KIRO 7 checked with the City of SeaTac. They told us they don’t have a record of a business licensed to the address, let alone an application. 

    Residents say they have until the 31st of the month to vacate. 

    They’re unsure of what’s next.

    “It’s not what I paid for, not what I signed up for,” says Evan.

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