Pasado's Safe Haven animal sanctuary running out of water

VIDEO: Pasado's Safe Haven running out of water

MONROE, Wash. — Pasado’s Safe Haven, an animal sanctuary in Monroe, is now need of being saved.

The wells at Pasado’s Safe Haven are underperforming and set off alarms, multiple times a day, alerting that water levels are low.

The water shortage hasn’t yet affected animals on-site. But, it has impacted the workers.

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In order to cut back on water, workers are now using port-a-potties, stopped filling the duck pond in favor of a kiddie pool, are using disposable trays for kitty litter and more.

Officials said that, in order to fix the problem with the well, the sanctuary will need to be connected to a city water system.

Doing so is expected to cost about $500,000.

In the meantime, Pasado’s says water has been trucked to help with the shortage.

Trucking water in, buying disposable items and other tasks are costing the sanctuary about $2,500 per month.

To help fund the city water hookup, Pasado’s is asking for donations from the public.

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