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Fight at Lake Stevens park caught on camera

A fight in Lake Stevens sent a man to the hospital. Police say it happened Sunday after a confrontation on the docks at Wyatt Park.

A couple filmed the incident on a cell phone and shared their story through social media. Now police are concerned about the tone this could set for more problems this summer.

Jamie and Jason Schultz said they'd come to the park for an evening out with their children and said there were a few dozen young people partying under a gazebo connected to the dock.

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The couple says glass bottles were broken and adults asked the group to clean up and leave the area. The Schultz’s say that’s when things got out of hand.

Jamie Schultz filmed the incident on a cell phone.

“It was pretty horrific. I feel... distraught. I feel like the community has just let their kids down and it got taken out on my husband.”

The video shows her husband being knocked down after a confrontation with  the young people. Jason Schultz says he stepped in to make sure they didn’t hurt other adults who were trying to talk to the group.

“There was just the couple and they were trying to be respectful and clean it up. I didn't think it was right,” Schultz said.

Jamie Schultz says she shot the video to protect herself and her husband. Lake Stevens police say they responded to a fight at Wyatt Park and officers cited people on scene. The Snohomish County prosecutor will determine whether anyone will face charges.

Jason Schultz said he was speared into a metal column at the gazebo. “They slammed me into my back into there, then somebody grabbed me (by) the feet right here and managed to slam me into the ground right here.” He said someone stomped on his face, causing visible swelling and bruising around his eye. He estimates that as many as five or six people kicked him, causing a concussion and swelling around his spine and ribs. “I have no fractures, no broken anything. I got lucky,” Schultz said.

Jamie Schultz said she kept the camera trained on the action as best she could, even as her husband was in the middle of a fight. “Oh my gosh! I think that was the hardest part, because I knew there would be no evidence unless it was videotaped.”

Jason Schultz said he got involved because he didn’t want others to get hurt,. “I don't have no regrets stepping in," he said.

A Lake Stevens police department spokesperson said the Wyatt Park boat launch will be the only one open during the summer, which will mean a lot more boaters coming to the park. He also said a beach renovation at another location means more people will come to Wyatt Park to get in the water.

Police said they plan to issue trespass citations to ban people from the park for the season or face arrest. The department says it will be aggressive with enforcement.

Police said “the lake should be there for all to enjoy. It is a shame when a basic lack of respect from a few can ruin this experience for the many families who might want to visit the lake.”