• Neighbors sue parents of Portage Bay girl who feeds crows

    By: David Ham


    SEATTLE - Earlier this year a story about an 8-year-old Seattle girl’s relationship with crows went viral.
    Gabi Mann started feeding crows daily two years ago and the birds would leave her trinkets.
    However, her Portage Bay neighbors said the murder of crows would caw and leave droppings throughout the neighborhood.
    “The neighbors went to her and said please this is causing a problem,” said neighbor Janice Palm.
    >> KIRO 7 reported that the neighbors signed a petition to get Gabi’s family to stop feeding the crows.
    “People are having rat problems in their houses with the waste from the crows and the peanut shells are all over the place,” said Palm
    On Monday, two of those neighbors filed a lawsuit against Gabi’s parents Lisa and Gary Mann.
    “The case is against two adults.  The scope and scale of the feeding is not the work of a minor child.  The mother, Lisa Mann, is responsible for the vast majority of the bird feeding.  Gary and Lisa Mann have also constructed extraordinarily large feeding stations and hired employees to help carry out the feedings.  The feeding and related activities have run nearly every day, year-round, from the morning hours to as late as midnight,” said Anna Johnsen, attorney for the two homeowners that filed the lawsuit.
    In the lawsuit, other neighbors tried to talk with and write letters to Lisa and Gary Mann requesting “they stop or seriously downsize their mass wildlife feeding operation.”  However the situation escalated.
    “I can't imagine living in a neighborhood and ignoring what my neighbors are asking me to do, what's very very reasonable that's affecting us so much,” said Palm who is also considering joining the lawsuit.
    Neighbors contacted city and state officials, stated in the lawsuit.  But no significant action was done.
    According to the lawsuit, neighbors say they're owed $200,000 for damage caused by the birds
    The Manns have not responded to the lawsuit and a trial date has not been set.

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