Neighbors blame city for homes sliding off cliff

EVERETT, Wash. — Neighbors in an Everett neighborhood nicknamed “Armageddon Creek” by the people who live there because houses are slipping down a hillside said the city is to blame for the shifting ground.

The shifting hillside is near Panaview Boulevard and Burl Place in Everett.

The stairs on the side of one home that has nearly slipped off a steep hill used to lead to the front door, but now appear to be going nowhere.

Because the house is not the only one that is in jeopardy, homeowners in the Valley View neighborhood hired engineering consultants to study why the hillside is shifting.

Three houses have been red tagged by the city, meaning it is unsafe to occupy the homes.  But neighbors claim 10 more houses in the area are in danger.

Video from Chopper 7 showed how the ground is moving and deep cracks opening in the yards and foundations of homes.

Neighbors said they think a storm drain expanded by the city in 2004 is to blame for the land eroding and some homeowners said they are planning to sue the city.

Everett city officials, who are also studying the public safety hazard, told KIRO 7 in a past interview there's no evidence linking the storm drain to the sliding hill.

Homeowners hope the study will bring answers but said they may take legal action against the city next.