• Navy SEAL training could take place in public parks


    TACOMA, Wash. - Navy SEALs are looking to expand training around the Puget Sound that could include several state parks.

    If approved, SEALs could use the beach at Point Defiance Park in Tacoma for a variety of training exercises to simulate real-life scenarios.

    According to the News Tribune, the Navy is considering Point Defiance Park to expand its special warfare training in the region.

    Navy documents published by a nonprofit called Truthout suggest that training could begin as early as a few months; however, the Navy told the News Tribune that the proposal hasn’t moved forward.

    The training could also include simulated weapons. Critics say that could scare people at public parks.

    State officials say the Navy usually gives a month’s notice of a public exercise.

    According to the plan, the Navy is considering nearly 70 sites in the region for the expanded training.

    Along with Point Defiance Park, the Navy is also looking at Gig Harbor’s marina and the Port of Tacoma. 

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