‘You just don’t know who’s going to die next:’ Patient inside Kirkland care facility speaks out

KIRKLAND, Wash. — A patient being treated in connection with coronavirus outbreak talked to KIRO 7 on Friday.

Susan Hailey, 76, is recovering from knee surgery and a broken ankle at Life Care Center of Kirkland.

“You just don’t know who’s going to die next,” she said.

Sixteen of the 19 deaths from coronavirus are linked to the nursing home.

Hailey’s daughter, Carmen Gray, fought to get her mother tested. Hailey was taken to Evergreen Hospital on Wednesday night to be tested. Gray says her mom didn’t have shortness of breath so she was transported back to Life Care Center early Thursday morning. Gray was frustrated her mom was taken back to the care center.

“I cried the other night. My sister and I promised her once we got her out of here we would not be bringing her back. I let her down.” said Carmen Gray, who took a photo of her mom through the window.

“I didn’t want to go back,” said Hailey. “I want to go home and I know I’m technically not ready to go home because of my feet.”

On Friday, Gray said she was told that patients taken to local hospitals would no longer be returned to the care center.

“We’ve had some challenges with Life Care and I’m starting to lose my patience. But we continue to work with them; they’re a part of this picture in helping provide care for residents and families,” said Constantine.

Hailey is still waiting for the outcome of her coronavirus test. “A very good friend of mine died Sunday,” she said. “It’s terrible; she was a lovely, lovely woman.”