Woman charged after using wire cutters to rob West Seattle T-Mobile store

A woman caught on camera allegedly robbing a West Seattle T-Mobile store was charged with robbery and theft by King County prosecutors on Monday.

According to court documents, Jessica Mae Beach is accused of using wire cutters to rob a T-Mobile store of secured merchandise, then presenting a gun when confronted by employees.

At around 4:30 p.m. on April 25, Beach entered a T-Mobile store in the 1500 block of Southwest Roxbury Street.

As Beach entered the store, an employee saw she had a pair of wire cutters in her hand.

According to court documents, when Beach entered the store, she attempted to cut the wires securing iPhones to their display case.

As the employee watched Beach, she told Beach to leave the store.

The employee told officers that Beach lifted up her shirt, revealing a black handgun tucked in her waistband.

“You better move,” Beach said.

The employee backed away as Beach continued to attempt to cut off the iPhone.

When she was unable to cut the wire, Beach left the store.

Approximately 10 minutes later, Beach returned.

A second employee watched Beach cut a Samsung S22 Ultra phone from a case, along with three to five smart watches.

The second employee tried to approach Beach, but she said, “Do not touch me.”

The second employee backed away and started to film Beach on his cellphone.

A customer also took cellphone video of the incident.

After taking the smart watches, Beach left the store, got into a black Toyota Avalon withd no rear license plate, and drove off.

According to court documents, the King County Sheriff’s Office was responding to an armed robbery at an AT&T store approximately 25 minutes before the T-Mobile incident.

The Avalon was eventually stopped after it was involved in a collision at the corner of Southwest 160th Street and 16 Avenue Southwest, where the Avalon also backed into marked a King County patrol car.

Beach was identified as the driver, and the Avalon was verified as stolen out of King County.

Beach was arrested and booked into King County Jail on investigation of robbery and possession of a stolen vehicle.

According to the court documents, a search of the Avalon yielded the clothing she was wearing during the robbery, along with a black BB gun.

Detectives also obtained surveillance video of the AT&T robbery, where Beach is seen wearing the same clothing as the T-Mobile robbery.

At the time of her arrest, Beach, 34, had three pending theft cases.

Beach has had more than 20 warrants for failing to attend hearings.

The state requested bail be set at $100,000.