• Woman arrested after bragging on police Facebook page about getting away with crime


    MOSES LAKE, Wash. - A 19-year-old woman who bragged on a police department’s Facebook page about getting away with a crime has been arrested. 

    Officers with the Moses Lake Police Department in Washington say the woman, who they identify as Kayla Irizzary, was contacted as a passenger during a traffic stop. She was released from the scene with no legal reason for officers to detain her, police said

    Later, a search warrant on the vehicle revealed a purse containing the woman's identification and a pistol, which Irizzary is not eligible to possess as "she is a prolific felon," police said.

    Police couldn’t immediately re-locate her for an arrest. 

    Then, police say Irizzary went on the Moses Lake Police Department’s Facebook page and bragged about “getting away.”

    Police said they set up a meeting with her using social media. She showed up but took off on foot when she realized it was a setup. 

    Police said she was captured and booked into Grant County Jail on charges of unlawful possession of a firearm and possession of heroin.

    Both charges were from the original incident.




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