• Wild police chase, violent crash caught on camera in Pierce County

    By: Kevin McCarty


    Video from a home surveillance system captured a violent crash following a high-speed chase just south of Tacoma. The video shows a white BMW SUV toppling end over end and even rolling over another car after the driver lost control while running from Pierce County Sheriff’s deputies.

    Eyewitnesses said the speeding SUV first clipped a Puyallup tribal police vehicle then hit a large rock in a yard on 72 Street East at the intersection of 44th Avenue East.

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    “I heard this crazy, crazy crash sound,” said eyewitness Doug Rody.

    Rody said he ran from his home to the scene to see the SUV torn apart by the force of the crash.

    “The motor was laying in the street, actually in a driveway over there,” Rody said pointing toward the scene. “The whole core support and sub frame was laying on the ground, the wheels were broken in half. I mean, [there] wasn’t much left of the vehicle at all.”

    The engine from the stolen BMW was torn from the vehicle by the force of the crash and landed, on fire, in Nick Falley's driveway.

    “I just came around the back of the property, saw the white car going through the air,” said Falley, who was off duty from his job as an emergency medical technician for the Grays Harbor County Fire Department. “Just started triaging patients. There was a car accident up there, there was an engine right there, a car wreck right here and the white car that caused the accident right there,” he said pointing out the huge crash scene that spread across nearly the entire block.

    Deputies first spotted the SUV being driven erratically about 20 blocks away from the crash scene near Portland Avenue. When they tried to make a traffic stop the driver hit the gas heading east on 72nd Street at a high rate of speed, according to investigators.

    The Puyallup Tribal Police vehicle it hit just happened to take a left hand turn in front of the speeding SUV causing the driver to lose control. The driver had to be taken out by the SUV's sunroof and the violent crash left him badly injured.

    “The guy behind the wheel is still in the hospital. He hasn’t been admitted [and] hasn’t been booked into jail,” said Detective Sgt. Gary Sanders.

    Investigators say two Puyallup Tribal Police detectives suffered minor injuries as a result of the crash. No other injuries were reported

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