Why you might not be able to find your favorite cheese, other goods at Costco

The pandemic has led to issues at grocery stores and now that includes cheese.

Costco is warning shoppers to not be surprised if their favorite cheddar, brie or other cheese isn’t there the next time they go shopping.

The problem is not a cheese shortage, but a shortage of empty shipping containers around the world and bottlenecks at key West Coast shipping ports, including Seattle, according to CNN.

Costco CFO Richard Galanti said the issue is not just limited to cheese, but also things like seafood, furniture, olive oils, sporting goods and lawn and garden equipment.

Galanti said he expects the supply chain pressures to ease in the coming months.

Because more people are at home during the pandemic, demand for food, furniture, home goods and other items has sharply increased.

Washington farmers are also having a tough time shipping out their products.

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