‘We’re looking for peace’: King County man asks Amazon to help family of delivery driver killed

A King County man is asking Amazon to help his family whose loved one was shot and killed while delivering packages for the company. It comes as a new bill was introduced to the state Senate to help rideshare drivers’ families.


The King County Medical Examiner’s Office said the victim is 50-year-old Sergey Kubay.

According to officials, he died from gunshot wounds to the head and neck. He was found dead in the parking lot of Fairwood Pond Apartments near Renton on Southeast Petrovitsky Road last Thursday.

However, deputies said they believe the man was killed the night before when he was delivering packages. They think the man was involved in an altercation when he was shot and killed and believe the shooting was targeted.

The victim was using his own vehicle to deliver packages when he was killed, deputies said.

It’s not clear right now if deputies have found any suspects or if a gun was found at the scene.

KIRO 7 reached out to the King County Sheriff’s Office on Tuesday to get more details about the investigation.

A Sgt. said there were no updates on the case.

In the last six months, there have been at least four other separate incidents where drivers, delivering a service, were victims, including the following:

Deputies are asking people with information to come forward to help detectives solve the death of Sergey Kubay. People with information can call 206-263-2090 or email mcutips@kingcounty.gov.


KIRO 7 spoke with Nikolay Kubay, the victim’s older brother, on Tuesday afternoon.

“It was just very painful. Very sad,” Kubay said. “What happened this time is just unbelievable.”

He said his younger brother was one of 11 siblings and his entire family moved to Washington from Ukraine about 20 years ago.

“If he was next to me, he always like ‘What can I do for you?’ How can I help you?’ he said. “Even if he doesn’t have money, he always give you the last dollar from his pocket. So his heart was very open.”

Sergey leaves behind his wife, 5-year-old daughter and 10-year-old son.

“I know it’s very hard, especially for the wife,” Kubay said. “So it’s very emotional.”

Sergey had been working as a delivery driver for Amazon for several years to support his family.

“His wife was working morning time and he was taking care of the kids and when after work coming back, she was taking care of the kids and he was taking the routes and delivering packages for Amazon,” Kubay said. “They were trying to keep paying for the rent and provide for the kids as well.”

Kubay said the family does not want justice but wants to help other families who have loved ones working as delivery drivers.

He hopes Amazon will help Sergey’s family after the tragic shooting as many drivers risk their own safety to deliver packages to families across the region.

“They risk a lot,” he said. “To be shot on a job, it’s very sad. They (Amazon) have to do something. Those guys always rush. They have a schedule. They have to drive fast. They have to deliver no matter what weather outside, rain or snow.”

Kubay wants Amazon to step in and help if something happens.

“What I would ask Amazon guys to somehow to take care of their workers, even if it’s not direct, maybe not employee, but still working for Amazon,” he said. “If something happens, they have to step in and somehow help those guys.”

Kubay said after everything, he wants peace.

“We’re not looking for justice,” he said. “We’re looking for peace. We want to stay in peace. We don’t want to be broken for years and years. We have to overcome this stuff. And we will.”

KIRO 7 reached out to Amazon for its response on the death of Sergey and to also understand if the company provides insurance for drivers who are delivering packages for the company.

A spokesperson for the company shared the following statement:

We’re deeply saddened by this terrible crime and are working to support the King County Sheriff’s Office as they investigate. We’re also in touch with the driver’s family and have offered our support during this difficult time.

A loved one has created a GoFundMe to help Sergey Kubay’s family during this difficult time. If you’d like to help, please click here.


State lawmakers proposed Senate Bill 6074 to provide more support for rideshare drivers’ families.

The bill was brought up during Tuesday’s Washington State Senate Labor and Commerce Committee.

The state’s Drivers Union said five rideshare drivers have been killed since 2020.

According to lawmakers, the bill would provide death benefits to the family if the rideshare driver is logged onto the company’s network, physically inside the company driver’s vehicle, or immediately near it.

Right now, state law only provides benefits to the family if the driver is on a trip, but not if the driver is between trips.

Advocates at the public hearing said the new bill would address this gap.

Demitu Argo said her family member Amare Geda, a rideshare driver, was killed in August when his Prius was carjacked. She said he was shot and found on the road, near 1st Avenue South and South Walker Street.

“These drivers are under a lot of dangers while waiting for a ride and so I think it’s important that these people that are the breadwinners of the family are covered,” said Argo.

“Drivers do not get covered in between the trips,” said Mohamud Adan, part of the Drivers Union. “They’re not covered in between the trips. We are asking for your members to pass this law so that we address this gap.”

The bill has only been brought up in the Senate and has not passed the chamber yet. If it does, it would go to the House next.