Video captures orcas and seals near McNeil Island

Video taken early Saturday morning shows several large orcas close to the shoreline off McNeil Island.

The man KIRO 7 spoke with said the orcas even got right next to his 25-foot-long sailboat, and it seemed like they were almost as big as the boat.

It made him a little nervous, but he said it was quite the show.

David Williams said this all happened when he and his wife took their sailboat out near McNeil Island for their 22nd wedding anniversary.

Williams said it was a nature-packed weekend before this encounter, as you can see hundreds of seals on the beach in the video.

Williams said in the morning, they heard strange, loud sounds that he thought were coming from a whale.

His wife Kristine didn’t believe it, but then they saw a large fin by their boat, and that’s when he got up and took the video.

His wife said the orcas got so close, she felt like she could reach out and touch them.

“It was just disbelief,” David said. “I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and I was trying to shoot it all and look at it too, and try to take it all in.”

“We will never, ever forget this,” Kristine said. “I’ve been boating with Dave for 25 years and we’ve never, ever experienced anything like this. I was so thrilled.”

The couple originally had plans to go to the Oregon coast for their anniversary but at the last minute decided to change that. After this experience, they’re pretty happy they did.